Beyond The Norm


“Islam bermula dalam keadaan terasing. Ia akan kembali asing seperti permulaannya. Maka, berbahagialah untuk orang yang terasing.”

(Riwayat Muslim)

It’s written in the history
Islam once ruled the world
But I’m standing here in melancholy
How can I claim of such word?

Those days have left us so far
Unreachable beauty like the star
History left ajar
Could I ever heal the scar?


What is happening to Islam today?
Why the feeling of me going astray?
Oh Allah, I plead and pray
Steadfast my faith in the righteous way

Badaa Islamu Ghareeban
Wa Saya’oudu Kama Badaa Ghareeban
Fatuba lil ghurabaa’

Come on brothers let us reform
Stand united through blizzard storm
Let not our path be lured into darkness
We shall go beyond the norm

Contemplating my own fear
With this heart craving for a guidance
All the things I hold so dear
Put my dean in a distance

Islam is now estranged
Estranged from its former existence
For indeed we are strangers
Cause Islam’s our conscience

Repeat c/o

Song & Lyrics: Mohammad Ihab Ismail


2 Responses

  1. its perfect video…

  2. Salam ziarah…
    emm,,xtahu nk komen ape,,sebenarnya tgh cari shout box,,xjmp2,,huhu..pape pn nice blog…Jmptlah dtg ke blok sy..:)

    Shoutbox mmg x wujud kat sini…anyway, thanks meninggalkan jejak…

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